Cyrus Shepard

"Charles Floate understands SEO inside and out. He dives deep from angles other people never consider. I'm constantly learning from him."

CEO @ Fazillion (Former Head of SEO At Moz)

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Nick Eubanks

"Everyone’s an SEO these days, at least publicly. 99% of these clowns have never ranked anything in their life, especially anything genuinely competitive. This is what separates Charles Floate, he speaks from experience actually ranking."

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Andrew Halliday

"As someone who is very Technical focused, Charles' blog is a great resource for all round knowledge.

he great thing is he doesn't care who he upsets / praises - He just cuts the bullshit and tells you what works and what to avoid."

OnPage.Rocks (Former Head of SEO at Provident Financial & eBuyer)

Gregory Elfrink

"I've followed Charles for years, he is simply unmatched when it comes to his SEO knowledge regardless of the colored hat you're talking about. One thing that I've always loved about Charles is that he's transparent and honest. He's not going to sell you some magic course, tool or product unless he actually is using those products himself. In what can be a confusing industry, especially for someone just starting out, Charles is a breath of fresh air and insight in the internet marketing world."

Head of Marketing @ Empire Flippers

Matt Diggity

“Solid place to stay up to date on the cutting edge of SEO.

CEO @ Diggity Marketing

Lewis Ogden

"I've known Charles for over 5 years, and in that time he's never shied away from speaking the truth about what works and what doesn't in SEO. This 'Radical Candor' he possesses is what made me realise that he was legit from the get-go. His passion for SEO shines through in his content and his drive for success comes from being in the trenches, testing, learning and most of all sharing his knowledge so that others can blaze their own path."

CEO @ CloudIncome