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My name is Charles and I'm a British Internet Marketer Specializing in SEO & Black Hat Marketing Techniques. 

My Most Recent Blog Posts

OnPage SEO: The Lost Art
In this guide, I'll be showing you 11 main factors when it comes to OnPage SEO and exactly how to carry each of them out.
Link Building in 2016 (And Beyond)
In this monster post, I'll be going through my favorite link building tactics that you can harness in the modern SEO world to boost your rankings.
Penguin 4.0 – The Aftermath & What You Need To Know
One of the most anticipated Google algorithm updates of all time has finally arrived, and in this post, I'll be running through the entire update, what we know so far, my research and advice on it.
SERPDrive Review – Expired Domain Crawler
People regularly ask me what the best expired domain crawler is and how I go about finding domains for my PBNs. In this post I review SERPDrive - the one tool I use for all of my PBN domain purposes.
How I Produce Content (So Quickly)
After so many people asked me, I thought I'd create a blog post on exactly how I write blog posts so quickly.. Inception, right? I'll also be covering how I produce high quality videos in a matter of minutes and some overall advice too.

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Recent Video Training

I put out a significant amount of content on my YouTube channel, this section covers my most recent (and best) videos I've put out.

Why I Don't Block Bots

Silo Structure

SEO For 2016

Anchor Text Ratios

Formatted Content = Higher Rankings

Press Release Backlinks, Good or Bad?

My Products

Want to up your internet marketing game? I make no fluff info-products for the SEO industry that have been reviewed, rated and torn apart by the best in the business before ever even getting a name - These are proven methods, strategies and ways to rank, bank and more!

My Latest Product

Link Building Quick Wins - $27

affiliate seo business

Building An Affiliate SEO Business


affiliate seo business

Parasite SEO For 2016


Silo Structure

The Best WordPress SEO Strategy


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